Month: October 2016

10 Reasons To Hire ClickDo As Your Digital Consultancy/Advisor In 2016 And Thrive In 2017

There’s an old adage that the last minute can save a man, and this applies equally to your business. If the performance of your business has been lackluster in 2016, then all is not lost; you still can work on it and make some improvements that will position you for a wonderful 2017. At ClickDo, we have seen numerous businesses, both large and small that sought our services, and in a month or two, things had improved greatly. Now, as we welcome the new month of October, with 2 more to go before we usher in 2017, here are 10 good reasons why you should make a point of trying out our services;

  1. Tried and tested services; ClickDo boats of tried and tested tactics, when it comes to offering digital consultancy and advisory services. We may not name specific companies that we have worked with due to privacy reasons, but we have helped many a brand turn their fortunes thanks to our workable solutions.
  2. We have the skills and expertise; our digital marketers and SEO experts are all highly qualified and experienced. Here, we are talking of graduates from top universities, who have immense experience in offering digital marketing and IT solutions.
  3. We have embraced technology, and keep ourselves abreast; in SEO, a crucial aspect of digital marketing, one has to keep updating themselves with latest tricks and technology. ClickDo hasn’t been left behind in this regard.
  4. We handle all niches; regardless of the nature of your business, we can always help catapult it to the top of the search engines. Health, finance, fashion, entertainment, escort services, real estate; basically, we handle all niches in terms of the consultancy and professional advice that we offer.
  5. Keen understanding of London consumer trends; over the many years that we have been offering our services, we have come to muster the consumer trends of most Londoners. We’ll help you design mobile friendly marketing strategies because we know too well that most Londoners rely on their hand held devices to research before shopping or hiring services.
  6. Case studies and references; we are also always glad to share with you case studies of projects we have handled, as well as clients who have tried our services.
  7. Our services are affordable; ClickDo’s services are not just affordable, they enable you to pay in flexible installments.
  8. Wide range of services under one roof; we offer a wide range of services like SEO, social media accounts creation and management, blogging services, web design and hosting, even creation of online payment accounts.
  9. Judge us by our results; our motto at ClickDo is that you should not judge us by what we say, but by what we do. Our results are our ultimate selling point.
  10. We walk with you each step of the way; Digital marketing is a continuous process, and we promise to walk with you all the way to the end.